CSA Program

We are looking forward to a great season with all of our returning and new CSA customers!! 

CSA  Contracts for the 2019 season are being accepted at the farm, via mail or online.  Contracts have been emailed.  You may also download a copy of the contract from this page.  See link below.  If you wish to have a contract emailed or mailed out, please complete the “contact us” page and let us know! 

Please find below the convenience of paying for your CSA membership using PayPal or a credit card.  Please note, all PayPal or credit card payments have an 8% business transaction fee added.  

If you would like to learn more about our CSA program or download a copy of the membership contract, please look below the online payment methods.


CSA Half Share

CSA Baskets

KelRae Farm would like to welcome back our returning CSA participants, as well as, any participants new to the program! Open enrollment is now open for the 2019 CSA farming season. We offer full and half shares for our CSA program.
Share Amount
What’s included?
A half bushel of assorted, fresh produce grown at KelRae Farm.
Pick up once a week, for 12 weeks
A peck sized basket of assorted, fresh produce grown at KelRae Farm.
Pick up once a week, for 12 weeks
In addition, both share types will receive:
  • A variety of melons (as soon as they are in season, which is typically  the end of June/first of July)
  • Participation in our fall and winter “pick your own crop”.  These crops are planted for our members only. Members come out during the late fall/winter to pick vegetables that grow during the cold weather/light frost season. Our fall/winter crops usually consist of an assortment of greens, turnips, cabbage, broccoli and much more!
*Scheduled day for 1st pick up – Tues., 5/28
*Scheduled day for last pick up – Thurs., 8/22
Please note there are 13 weeks from the first pick up week to the last pick up week. Per your contract, there is one extra week included to compensate for a one week family vacation, therefore, no CSA produce will be picked up during our vacation week. Advance notice will be given for the week of our family vacation.
We offer pick up for our shares on either, Tuesday or Thursday, from 8:30 – 6:00 pm. If the need arises and you need to adjust your time, please send a text to my cell, (757)532-9119, as soon as possible.
VERY IMPORTANT –  If you need to switch your day, please help us by notifying us 24 hours in advance to prevent your basket from being packed. You can notify us of this change via text  (757)532-9119 or email ([email protected]). 
We try our best to be flexible and accommodate each member the best we can.
Prior to the first week of basket pick up (around the end of May), I will send an email as a reminder of the start of the season.  In addition, we will update our website Facebook and Instagram (@kelraefarm) pages.
Additional produce, sunflowers, melons, fresh free-range eggs and KelRae honey will be available for purchase throughout our season during the time of pick up.
Contracts and payment for the 2019 season are due by Friday, March 30th. Payment for your crop share can be made in full or in 2 installments.
  1. IN FULL Pay in full when you return your signed contract no later than 3/30/19.

  2. TWO INSTALLMENTS – Pay half when you return your contract, no later than 3/30/19, with the remaining balance due by July 1st plus a $15.00 service fee.

We accept cash, check, credit card and PayPal as forms of payment.  There is no service fee for cash and check. 

Please note:  All credit card and PayPal payments will have an 8% business transaction fee added.
At the beginning of the season, we ask that you please purchase two vegetable baskets at KelRae Farm.  Each basket costs $6.00.  If you are a returning customer and have your basket(s) from a previous season, you may use those. Each week, when you pick up your new basket of produce, you will drop off your produce basket from the previous pick up.
Please click here to download the 2019 CSA contract.
You can see some examples of fully loaded baskets from previous years on our photos page.